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High interstate speeds could mean catastrophic injuries

If you are like many other people who live in the Oklahoma City metro area, you may work in downtown OKC, but live in Mustang, Choctaw or elsewhere on either side of downtown. More than likely, you drive Interstate 40 to get to work each day instead of traveling the surface streets.

No one likes to sit in traffic, so it's a blessing that the speed limit on the interstate is 75 mph. On most days, you go with the flow of traffic and arrive at work on time and unscathed. You have probably avoided being involved in any number of accidents since many happen on I-40, but at some point, your luck ran out, and you suffered a severe injury that required an amputation.

Why you should avoid using your cell phone behind the wheel

In the past few years, anti-distracted driving campaigns have become ubiquitous with auto safety. Countless lives have been lost in accidents caused by texting while driving (and talking on a cell phone) while behind the wheel.

Even with the warnings about how far a car travels when a driver takes his or her eyes off the road, there are many people who still use their phones while behind the wheel; ostensibly under the impression that bad things won’t happen to them. Even with the summer driving season past us, it is important to remind our readers of the legal consequences that distracted driving could have. 

Hitting the gas on self-driving vehicle regulations

The self-driving car industry just received a significant push on what one lawmaker refers to as the path towards innovation once seemed unimaginable.

The U.S. House unanimously approved the first significant legislation that will accelerate the deployment of driverless vehicles. If enacted, federal regulators will be in the proverbial driver’s seat and strip power away from states seeking to block autonomous vehicles.

Get all of the workers' comp benefits you need. Avoid a denied claim.

Thousands of Oklahoma workers risk their health and safety every day to earn an income. If you are one of them, you might suffer from exposure to dangerous gases and fumes from toxic chemicals, harsh weather conditions, dangerous moving parts of machines, extreme heights or other hazardous conditions. Your body may be taxed with repetitive pulling, lifting, pushing, crawling and crouching.

What will happen if you suffer a work-related injury or illness? Knowing that your employer provides workers' compensation coverage is not enough. Do you know the procedures to follow if you need to file a claim for benefits? Many employers will do what they can to limit workers' compensation claims to keep their insurance premiums as low as possible.

3 reasons to talk to an attorney after a work-related injury

Getting into a work-related accident can have a major impact on your life. If you fall and suffer a serious back injury, you could be unable to work, lift your kids up or sleep in your own bed. And in addition to the massive medical bills that are piling up, you can struggle to pay your mortgage and provide the things your family needs.

This is why it is so important to file a workers' compensation claim if you get injured or sick through the course of your employment. However, before you decide to navigate the workers' compensation system alone, you should be aware of why it can be prudent to work with an attorney. 

The deadly combo of sleep deprivation and alcohol consumption

Drivers who choose to operate their vehicles while sleep deprived or under the influence of alcohol create hazardous conditions on roads throughout Oklahoma and the nation. A recent study from “down under” reveals the combination of the two types of impairments can be even more dangerous and deadly.

Researchers at the Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience at Monash University in Australia recently tested 16 healthy men between 18 and 27 years old. Divided into four parts, participants were separately exposed to:

Seen these distracting behaviors on the road? Then keep your distance.

Long ago, very few people owned cars. Oklahoma residents and others traveled by different means, including horseback, boat or on foot. You probably can barely imagine living that way nowadays, as the majority of people travel by car. If you live and drive in a high traffic area, you may be keenly aware of the problems distracted drivers cause. When you share the road with someone who is preoccupied in their thoughts or otherwise distracted behind the wheel, your life and all other drivers nearby are at risk.

Many people are able to avoid a collision by arming themselves with information ahead of time that helps keep all motorists safe. For instance, if you're concerned about distracted driving, you may want to learn all you can on the topic to prepare yourself as much as possible for any potential problems that arise.

Are driverless cars eroding drivers' skills?

The driverless “technology creep” continues to move along towards the inevitable use of fully autonomous motor vehicles. The transition to operating a car to having a car operate completely on its own is now measured in years.

Current driver-assist technology installed in everyday cars to luxury vehicles can perform tasks an attentive driver once did, including:

Can technology keep sleepy drivers awake?

While driving while under the influence or operating a vehicle while distracted will never gain acceptance, driving while drowsy, if not sleeping, could be the restful wave of the future.

The advent of fully autonomous vehicles is practically upon consumers. With the driving done for them, nodding off seems like a safe proposition. However, until that time comes, drivers must be content to remain well rested and avoid putting them, their passengers, and others sharing the road at risk.

Accidents in Oklahoma school zones have been on the rise

The long summer vacation is over, and the new school year has arrived. However, it also brings the dangers of children traveling to and from schools. Schools in the central Oklahoma school district are all reopening at different dates throughout August, with the public schools in Oklahoma City being the first ones to start the new year. Children of all ages are at risk -- from the youngest pedestrians to those traveling by bicycle and the seniors who drive automobiles.

Although all road users must comply with safety rules, AAA Oklahoma urged vehicle operators to take extra care and be vigilant for students on foot and on bicycles. Officials say about one in every three fatal accidents involving child pedestrians happen between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

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