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Some jobs lead to more worker's compensation claims than others

When seeking gainful employment in Oklahoma, many people hesitate when it comes to certain types of jobs because their reputations for being dangerous. After all, suffering an on-the-job injury can have long-term consequences; severe injuries often impede the ability to return to work. Studies show there are several jobs in particular that place workers at highest risk for injuries. If someone is considering work in one of these fields, it may be prudent to seek information about the worker's compensation program ahead of time, just in case an accident occurs.

Prioritizing workplace safety as an auto mechanic

Auto mechanics in Oklahoma may not always be aware of the severity of the risks they face whenever they move about their workshops. There is a score of safety hazards, and employees who do not receive the necessary safety training may put their lives on the line. There are state and federal safety standards with which to comply, and it is the responsibility of workshop owners to protect the health and safety of all employees.

Worker's compensation exists to help in situations like this

Construction is known to be a dangerous type of work. Many Oklahoma construction workers know what is like to be injured on the job. The worker's compensation program enables them to submit claims for benefits following workplace injuries to help them make ends meet during recovery and replace lost wages for any time they must take off work due to their injuries.

Some specific injuries not covered by worker’s comp

On an average day in January, you pull into your work parking lot and sit for a moment, enjoying the warmth of your car. It is one of those below freezing days, and you are not excited at the thought of walking into the building to begin the day. Hesitantly, you open the car door and step onto the ground, testing the ground for ice.

Take charge of your own safety when working at heights

In terms of work-related accidents, most people associate the risk of falling with work at multi-story construction sites. But the reality is that even a fall from a ladder can cause catastrophic injuries. It is true that the impact on the body will be more severe the higher the fall, but a fall from the second step of a ladder can be fatal if the victim's head strikes a hard object.

Breaking habits that lead to workplace injury

You have likely heard about safety on the job until you are numb to it. Some days, you just want to get your work finished so you can go home and relax. If this means taking a shortcut, so be it. However, shortcuts are one of the most common root causes of workplace accidents. Depending on the kind of work you do, a workplace accident may result in devastating injury.

Get all of the workers' comp benefits you need. Avoid a denied claim.

Thousands of Oklahoma workers risk their health and safety every day to earn an income. If you are one of them, you might suffer from exposure to dangerous gases and fumes from toxic chemicals, harsh weather conditions, dangerous moving parts of machines, extreme heights or other hazardous conditions. Your body may be taxed with repetitive pulling, lifting, pushing, crawling and crouching.

3 reasons to talk to an attorney after a work-related injury

Getting into a work-related accident can have a major impact on your life. If you fall and suffer a serious back injury, you could be unable to work, lift your kids up or sleep in your own bed. And in addition to the massive medical bills that are piling up, you can struggle to pay your mortgage and provide the things your family needs.

An "F" is not OK

Upon first receiving their report card, students often find themselves under a great deal of stress over the uncertainty of the results. For many, a grade can make a significant difference in their future and how others view them.

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