How Much Will You Receive In Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

As experienced workers' compensation attorneys in Oklahoma City, one of the most common types of question we receive involve the amount of workers' compensation benefits an injured worker can receive.

Of course, this is a complex question with no one single answer for everyone. Each case is unique. Since the level of compensation depends in great deal on the type and severity of injuries involved, the amount is different for each case.

At Dawkins & Gowens Law Firm, we focus on helping injured workers through the workers' compensation process. Our attorneys will explain your options, help you understand the process and work with you throughout your case to make sure you get the best results possible.

Different Types Of Compensation May Be Available

There are various types of benefits available for different types of injuries. For workers who are temporarily disabled and completely unable to work, there are temporary total disability benefits. This type of benefit should provide you with 70 percent of the income you were making over the previous year, but there are state limits and caps on that total.

For workers who are only partially disabled but the injuries are expected to be permanent, there is permanent partial disability. The benefits in this category are determined by Oklahoma's loss of use chart. The state charts classify types of injuries by how much they limit your ability to work. Depending on how much your injuries limit your working ability, the charts will determine what your claim is worth.

There are other types of injury classifications available, as well. There is also the choice between ongoing payments and lump-sum payments. Our attorneys can explain all of your options to you.

The various laws, charts and regulations involved can be extremely complicated for those who have never been through the process before. Our lawyers know workers' compensation law, and we are prepared to help you understand this complicated process and help you get the best compensation award possible in your case.

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