Accidents Caused By Truck Driver Fatigue

People do not perform as well when they're exhausted as they do when well-rested. This is a simple fact, confirmed by anecdotal experience and science. If performing simple, safe tasks is more challenging when tired, imagine how much more danger is involved when driving a large vehicle when exhausted.

Unfortunately, truck drivers commonly stay on the road for too many hours even when they're exhausted. This drastically increases the danger for all the other drivers on the road.

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Fatigued Driving Is Common In The Trucking Industry

Truck driver fatigue is far too common on our highways. As a deadline-driven industry, the trucking business does not lend itself to frequent breaks and times of rest. Many drivers stay on the road for many overtime hours, off the books in many cases, in order to get their cargo delivered on time.

So when drivers get a couple of nights without adequate sleep — which happens a lot while on the road — they are often driving while completely exhausted. This slows reaction time, hinders decision-making and increases the risk of falling asleep behind the wheel.

By searching through logbooks and other evidence, we can establish fault in your case by showing the driver was fatigued. Our lawyers can use this to bolster your case and get you the compensation you need after a serious trucking accident.

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