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3 Reasons To Hire A Lawyer After An Oklahoma Auto Accident

Auto accidents may result in a range of damages. In order to obtain the compensation that they are due, people may consider hiring a lawyer after a crash.

In 2014 alone, there were more than 68,000 motor vehicle accidents across the state of Oklahoma, according to the state’s Highway Safety Office. As a result of such collisions, the drivers and passengers in the vehicles involved, as well as pedestrians and other bystanders may be seriously injured or killed. This may result in undue medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. In order to ensure they are fairly compensated, some people may consider hiring an attorney and taking legal action following an auto accident.

1. An Attorney Can Help Deal With Insurance Companies.

In their commercials and slogans, insurance companies claim to be on drivers’ sides. However, when motor vehicle collisions occur, they often look out for their bottom line and try to pay out as little as possible. Fighting insurance companies to receive a fair settlement may be intimidating for average people. Attorneys are not likely to be threatened by these large companies and their legal teams. Thus, they are able to advocate on their clients’ behalf to help them obtain the compensation that they deserve.

2. An Attorney Can Properly Present Your Claim.

There is more to receiving compensatory damages than just claiming to have been injured. Legal representatives know what materials are relevant to auto accident claims. They often help their clients to gather the pertinent documents and materials to present a strong personal injury claim. This may include getting the accident reports and people’s medical records.

3. Attorneys Understand The Intricacies Of The Legal Process.

According to the Oklahoma Insurance Department, the state uses comparative negligence to determine liability in personal injury cases. This means that each driver may be assigned a percentage of liability for causing the crash. For example, a driver’s vehicle is struck while he is making a turn. He had the right of way, but did not use a turn signal. He may be found 20 percent at fault for the collision, while the other driver is deemed 80 percent responsible . The amount of compensation that he may be able to seek depends on the percentage of responsibility that he is assessed for causing an auto accident.

Attorneys who focus their practice in this area are generally familiar with the intricacies of the laws and processes of personal injury claims. Therefore, they are able to help people understand how comparative negligence applies to their cases, what level of liability might be assigned to them and what percentage of their damages they are able to seek.

Looking Out For The Rights Of Injured Motorists

When Oklahomans are injured in motor vehicle accidents, dealing with the insurance company or the court may make an already challenging time all the more difficult. Those who have experienced such situations may find it of benefit to obtain legal representation. An attorney may negotiate on their behalf and guide them through the legal process so that they can focus on their recovery.