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Train accident leaves three people dead

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2014 | Train Accidents |

Traveling by train in Oklahoma is still relevant and important. Besides providing affordable passenger transportation, these immense vehicles carry essential commodities to cities and towns throughout the country. As trains pass through Oklahoma towns, train safety is also relevant. Train accidents can cause massive property damage and serious injuries, and even death. A recent accident making headlines across the country demonstrated the devastation a train crash can cause when safety is compromised.

A possibly speeding Amtrak train recently struck a sports utility vehicle, killing three people. The train, which had 180 passengers aboard, was said to be traveling more than 100 miles per hour when the accident occurred around midnight. No train passengers were injured, but two men and a woman, still unidentified, were killed in the crash. Besides the fatalities, the crash caused significant traffic delays, since trains in the area operate on only one track. According to the police, the crime scene is very large and a long investigation is expected.

Any investigation of a train accident also requires scrutiny of the actions of the train crew. If the conductor or crew members were violating any railroad regulations or were doing anything detrimental to the safety of train passengers or people near the tracks, then the train company can also come under fire and could be held liable for not following proper safety measures to prevent an accident.

Train accident victims can suffer serious consequences, including serious injuries that can lead to permanent disability. Fatalities are also common.

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