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Victims of motorcycle accidents are our top priority

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents |

The number of accidents involving motorcyclists seems to keep growing. Compared with the typical car accident, a motorcycle accident has a higher chance of producing catastrophic injuries and death because of the limited protection offered by motorcycles. Even excellent physical skills and attention to the road are not enough to guarantee a motorcyclist’s safety. Too many times motorcycle collisions are caused by drivers of other vehicles who did not see the motorcyclists.

Our law firm, Dawkins & Gowens Law Firm, has a team of legal professionals who understand the importance of recovering the compensation needed by those who have been injured or by surviving family members of those killed in motorcycle accidents. For those injured in collisions, extensive medical treatment is common, followed by weeks or months of rehabilitation and other forms of therapy. Their injuries may take months to fully heal enough for them to go back to their daily routines. Because of the high cost of medical treatment, motorcycle accident victims often seek compensation from the responsible parties.

When it comes to fatal motorcycle accidents, surviving family members often suffer financial injury caused by the sudden loss of the victim, especially if the loved one was the source of income for the family. The surviving family members need compensation for their financial losses. This can be awarded to the family in the form of damages once the responsible parties are shown to have been negligent.

Because the legal system is complex, anyone interested in learning more about the law as well as basic information for obtaining compensation can visit our website. The information there may prove to be very valuable for those who have been victims in a motorcycle accident.