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Helping motorcycle accident victims across Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Any Oklahoma motor vehicle accident can result in catastrophic injuries. The only difference between motorcycle accidents and other Oklahoma traffic accidents is that this type of accident often leads to more serious injuries because a rider’s body is exposed to numerous elements. Motorcyclists often sustain head injury and broken bones following a motorcycle accident. Recovering from these injuries may take a long period of time before the injured person returns to pre-injury health. During the recovery period, the motorcycle accident victim may also incur financial injury due to medical expenses and lost wages.

When a motorcycle accident victim speaks to our personal injury attorneys, we listen carefully to get a clear picture of the victim’s situation. In most cases, the victim has no other option but to accept low payout from an insurance company. The reason behind low payouts is overlooked crash site evidence. When we handle motorcycle accidents, our team of legal professionals goes to the scene of the crash and collects evidence that can be used to increase compensation. Data from police report and witnesses’ accounts are evaluated to determine the exact cause of the crash. We also measure the fault of each party involved. If the accident was caused by the other party’s fault or negligence, we pursue that negligent party and make that party responsible for the victim’s damages.

Filing a personal injury claim in Oklahoma may take some time. However, this first step is necessary to ensure that a motorcycle accident victim will be fairly and adequately compensated for incurred losses.

It is important for people who are dealing with similar issues to learn about their rights. They may read some basic information on our website. They may also seek legal advice if they are ready to file personal injury claims or any legal claims.