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One person injured in Oklahoma SUV accident

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2015 | SUV Accidents

Every day, Oklahomans know there is some chance of being in a motor vehicle accident. If they drive sports utility vehicles, they may know that older models of some of these vehicles are more prone to rolling over. SUV accidents, however, are underreported because they are often lumped into the car accident category. In recent years, SUV manufacturers have modified their vehicles to make them more stable and less likely to roll over during sudden maneuvers or when in accidents. Still, these vehicles can be involved in collisions, just like other types of motor vehicles.

In Oklahoma City, a recent accident sent one person with undisclosed injuries to a local hospital. According to news reports, an SUV and a pickup truck were involved in a crash around 3 p.m. on a service road that runs alongside Highway Interstate 240, the Southwest Expressway. The injured person was an occupant in the SUV. The cause of the crash was not mentioned. It is not known if anyone was cited for the accident.

Whether someone was negligent in this accident is also not known, but in similar crashes traffic investigators can determine if one party failed to exercise due caution before the collision. In some cases, responsible parties face both criminal and civil liabilities. Those who are injured can seek compensation from those parties determined to be responsible by filing a personal injury lawsuit. To be successful, a plaintiff must present substantial evidence and prove the defendant was negligent.

A judge or jury will only award damages to the injured party if negligence is proven. The amount of damages is based on the plaintiff’s loses such as medical expenses. Additional awards such as punitive damages can be given to victims if a court wants to punish the responsible party for reckless behavior.

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