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Avoiding the common risks that cause traumatic brain injury

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2015 | Brain Injury |

Oklahomans understand that brain injuries have the potential for permanent damage that leave victims facing a lifetime of constant medical care. Many people have seen both military personnel and athletes who sustained traumatic brain injuries face severe impairments. Even if victims do recover, the road is often long, difficult and expensive. As of now, there are no effective treatments to reverse the damage from most types of traumatic brain injury. Doctors can only prevent injuries from getting worse through surgery and medication.

Traumatic brain injuries have a few common causes. Falls are the principal cause of TBIs among children and the elderly, in part because both groups have issues maintaining their balance. Small children especially should never be left unattended in places where they could fall and injure themselves. The elderly and those who care for them can install handrails and other fixtures that minimize fall risks in locations such as bathrooms.

Motor vehicle accidents are also implicated in many TBIs. Anyone involved in even a minor traffic accident should consult with a doctor to determine if they have sustained a brain injury. Symptoms of brain injuries are often slow to develop and may only show up days or weeks after an accident.

Sports can also produce brain injuries, especially those involving severe and sudden impacts such as football and ice hockey. This fact has been highlighted in many recent cases of football players filing lawsuits against the National Football League for its alleged attempts to downplay the risks of TBIs to players. Unfortunately, even helmets are not especially effective at preventing TBIs.

Anyone who has sustained a brain injury should seek immediate medical attention. If the injury resulted from the negligence of another person, then consulting a knowledgeable legal professional may be a wise step to obtain compensation.

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