A deeper look at train accident statistics

The Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety keeps track of railroad accidents because of the serious nature of these incidents. Of the railroads reporting, 4,404 total train accidents and incidents were reported in 2012; 4,601 total train accidents and incidents were reported in 2013; 5,035 total train accidents and incidents were reported in 2014; and 4,559 total train accidents and incidents were reported in 2015.

There were 699 train accidents in 2012; 741 train accidents in 2013; 752 train accidents in 2014; and 785 train accidents in 2015. Of reported train accidents, in 2012 there were 268 fatalities; in 2013 there were 270 fatalities; in 2014 there were 301 fatalities; and in 2015 there were 363 fatalities. Non-fatal incidents, such as injury incidents, totaled 3,154 in 2012; 3,483 in 2013; 3,568 in 2014; and 3,496 in 2015.

Train accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and damage. Because of the unquestionably serious nature of train accidents, victims may have legal recourse to recover damages when wrongfully injured in a train accident. Victims may suffer medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages when injured in a train accident, all of which victims may be able to recover through a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the liable party responsible for the accident.

Victims of train accidents may suffer damages that have a long-term impact on the life of the victim. The legal process seeks to recognize the serious nature of the harm caused by train accidents and to provide legal options, resources and remedies to victims harmed in a train accident.

Source: Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis, "TOTAL ACCIDENTS/INCIDENTS, JAN - MAY (2015 preliminary)," Accessed Aug. 16, 2015

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