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Options for victims of car accidents caused by distracted driving

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2015 | Car Accidents

Inattentive and distracted driving is a growing problem and safety concern in a number of places, including in Oklahoma. The use of cell phones or other electronic devices while driving increases the risk of an accident by three times. Distracted driving is particularly serious because it compromises the driver’s visual, manual and mental focus.

Distracted driving occurs in a number of different ways, including ways drivers may not always think of. Distracted driving includes texting while driving; talking on a cellphone; using the internet while driving; operating the radio; operating a GPS or other navigation system; looking at a map or other directions; tending to passengers or children; tending to personal hygiene or grooming; eating or drinking; or cleaning up spilled food or drinks. Many activities included in the category of distracted driving may be common activities for many drivers.

As is true of other types of car accidents, victims of distracted driving-related car accidents can suffer a number of different types of harm and damages. Damages can include medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity and pain and suffering. In fatal distracted driving-related accidents, family members may be left with medical and funeral expenses and the loss of support and services, in addition to pain and suffering and other types of damages.

Victims of distracted driving-related car accidents may be able to bring a claim for damages against the negligent driver responsible for the harm they have suffered. Victims may have important legal options to hold the driver responsible for the accident liable in court, and to ensure they are properly compensated for the harm suffered so they can more fully focus on recovery.

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