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Fatal Oklahoma motorcycle accidents claims life of man

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

Fatal accident victims and their families have legal protections they should be familiar when a tragic accident occurs. An Oklahoma motorcycle accident recently claimed the life of a 52-year old man. According to authorities, a 35-year old woman was traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes when she struck the motorcycle carrying the victim head on. The motorcycle collision caused the woman’s passenger vehicle to go into a broad slide which led to it being struck by another vehicle on its passenger side. The 35-year old woman was taken to the hospital. The 52-year old motorcycle accident victim was pronounced dead at the scene of the motorcycle accident.

Family members who unexpectedly endure the loss of a loved one in a fatal accident may experience a number of different emotions and challenges following the accident. Because of the serious nature of motorcycle accidents and the trauma a fatal motorcycle accident may involve, legal options are available to protect victims from further harm. Victim may be able to recover compensation for the emotional and financial damages suffered through a wrongful death claim for damages.

Damages that surviving family members may recover through a wrongful death claim can include medical and funeral expenses; loss of support and services; lost prospect of inheritance; and pain and suffering damages. Damages that surviving family members may receive depend on the unique circumstances of the situation and characteristics of the victim. A wrongful death claim for damages allows victims to recover compensation for the harm they have suffered from the party responsible for causing the harm. Through a wrongful death claim for damages, the legal process seeks to ensure victims are protected in every way possible.

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