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New distracted driving law in Oklahoma is being strictly enforced

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2015 | Car Accidents |

The dangers of distracted driving are becoming increasingly well known. A new distracted driver law recently went into effect in Oklahoma, and authorities are demonstrating their intention to strictly enforce the law. Authorities from another Oklahoma community just a couple of hours south of Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol planned to demonstrate strict enforcement of the new rules to help ensure public safety.

According to Oklahoma’s new distracted motorist law, it is illegal to text while driving or read texts or emails while driving throughout the state. The law, which went into effect at the beginning of November, is in honor of two police officers. One was killed and the other was seriously injured when they were struck by a motorist suspected of texting and driving. Texting and driving is one type of activity motorists engage in that can lead to serious accidents.

Distracted driving can include a number of different types of activities that divert the driver’s attention away from the roadway. Texting and driving is considered particularly serious, because it diverts the driver’s visual, cognitive and physical attention away from the roadway. Removing a driver’s mental and physical focus from driving can lead to serious consequences. Victims who have suffered injuries and harm as a result of a distracted driving-related car accident may pursue compensation for the damages they have suffered.

Because of the serious nature of car accidents involving distracted driving, it is important for victims to understand the protections available to them when harmed. The legal process strives to keep car accident victims wrongfully harmed by the negligence of another party protected.

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