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Victims of drunk drivers have legal protections available to them

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2015 | SUV Accidents

Drunk driving is a significant cause of accidents, injuries and deaths. In Oklahoma, it is reported that hundreds of deaths can be attributed to drunk driving accidents each year and that 30 percent of car accident-related deaths are attributable to drunk driving. Victims of drunk driving accidents may suffer different types of harm and have different legal options available to help them.

Victims of drunk driving accidents may suffer a great number of losses, including physical, financial and emotional harms. While the criminal justice system addresses the culpability of a drunk driver who has caused an accident, the personal injury legal process is designed to protect victims by seeking to ensure that victims receive compensation for the harm they have suffered.

Accident victims may receive justice in a number of ways including through the receipt of compensation for the damages suffered in a drunk driving accident. Victims of drunk driving accidents may receive compensation for the damages they have suffered including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. It is important that drunk drivers who have caused harm are accountable, responsible and liable to victims for the damages they have caused.

Oftentimes, insurance companies are involved so it is important that victims are familiar with the process. A thorough knowledge and understanding of the process of pursuing damages may making the process less intimidating and more approachable for victims. Victims have enough to worry about and to focus on which is why the legal process seeks to protect them and provide pace of mind during a difficult and challenging time.

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