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Oklahoma City SUV rollover results in serious accident

On Behalf of | May 5, 2016 | SUV Accidents |

An Oklahoma City SUV accident recently resulted in a rollover and one fatality. According to authorities, the SUV rollover accident occurred when a Porsche traveling in the wrong direction collided with the SUV. Authorities reported that the driver of the Porsche drove into oncoming traffic accidentally by missing the correct ramp and ended up travelling north in southbound lanes of traffic. While attempting to make a U-turn to travel in the correct direction, the Porsche and the SUV collided as the Porsche was t-boned by the SUV travelling in the correct direction. The accident caused the SUV to rollover.

The circumstances surrounding a lawsuit and a claim for damages can be complex. It is important for victims of SUV rollover accidents to be aware, however, that different legal options may be available to them depending on the circumstances of the situation they have suffered. The legal process seeks to account for the different situations victims may find themselves in following an unexpected accident such as an SUV rollover accident.

It is important to note that a claim for damages may be brought against a negligent party, the estate of a negligent party that is deceased or, in Oklahoma, against a negligent party provided the victim is not more than 50 percent to blame for the accident. The damages victims may suffer in an SUV accident can vary but, shared in common, most victims of SUV and car accidents suffer physical, financial and emotional damages.

There may be complexities associated with an SUV rollover or other car accident but the legal process is designed to help sort those concerns out and ensure that victims are protected. Victims of SUV accidents should be aware of the legal options and remedies available to help them receive compensation for the physical, financial and emotional damages suffered in an SUV or car accident.

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