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Man killed in Oklahoma train accident

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2016 | Train Accidents

A man was recently killed after he was struck by a train in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported that the man was killed in a train accident a couple of hours northeast of the Oklahoma City area. According to authorities, the victim was on the train tracks early in the morning when he was struck and killed by the train. Authorities are investigating why the man was on the tracks.

Fatal accidents, including fatal train accidents, can be especially devastating for victims and their families. Victims of train accidents and their families may suffer a variety of damages. Victims can suffer physical injuries, medical expenses, disability, the need for future care, lost wages, lost-earning capacity, emotional challenges and pain and suffering damages. Likewise, family members of victims killed in a fatal train accident may have to handle medical and funeral expenses.

In addition, surviving family members of a loved one wrongfully killed such as in a train, car or truck accident, may endure the loss of support and services, companionship, lost prospect of inheritance or pain and suffering damages. A wrongful death claim for damages, or personal injury claim for damages when the victim survives the accident, allows the victim’s family members or the victim to recover compensation for the many damages that may have been suffered in a train or other traumatic accident.

Train accidents can cause catastrophic damages and death. It is important that train accident victims and their families are familiar with the range of options that may be available to them following a train accident.

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