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Oklahoma City area motorcycle rider left in critical condition

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycle accident victims are not without legal recourse when harmed. A motorcycle accident in a neighboring Oklahoma community recently left a motorcyclist injured and in critical condition. The motorcycle accident involved a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle. According to the initial investigation of the motorcycle accident, the motorcyclist was traveling north when a vehicle pulled out in front of him. The passenger vehicle was making a left turn from a gas station in front of the oncoming motorcycle when the motorcycle hit the driver’s side of the passenger vehicle. The 26-year-old victim was in critical condition following the motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle accident victims can suffer a variety of serious and life-threatening injuries in a motorcycle accident. In addition, motorcycle accidents are commonly caused by inattentive and careless drivers. In two-thirds of motorcycle accidents, it was the driver of a passenger vehicle that violated the motorcycle’s right of way and caused the accident. Drivers that often fail to properly observe motorcycles are liable for failure to yield and cause left-hand turn accidents with motorcycles.

Motorcycle accident victims are most often left with serious injuries that may impact them for the rest of their lives. To begin with, victims may suffer medical expenses and lost wages. Following that, they may require future and ongoing medical care and may suffer disability and lost-earning capacity as a result of the motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accidents may also result in death. Family members may also suffer damages and pain and suffering damages may be available to both victims and their families.

When a driver has negligently or carelessly caused a motorcycle accident, legal remedies are available to victims and their families to recover compensation for damages. It is important that motorcycle accident victims are familiar with the legal protections designed to help them during a time of need following a motorcycle accident.

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