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Motorcycle accident claims life of Oklahoma woman

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents

An Oklahoma woman was recently killed in a motorcycle accident in another state. According to authorities, the 61-year old woman died of head injuries following the motorcycle accident and another motorcyclist was also seriously injured in the accident. The accident occurred when a group of motorcyclists were travelling in the left-hand lane and a semi-truck began merging from the right-hand lane and into the left-hand lane. As a result, one motorcyclist was unable to slow down in time and hit the back of a trailer another motorcyclist was hauling. One motorcycle went into a median but regained control and the other motorcycle laid down as a result.

Fatal accidents, including fatal motorcycle accidents, can sometimes be difficult to sort out and more than one party may be liable in an accident. Because a negligent driver may be responsible for compensating victims for the damages they have suffered in a motorcycle accident, it is important to thoroughly answer liability questions. The answers may lead to a claim for damages through a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death claim brought on behalf of surviving family members of a loved one unexpectedly lost in a fatal motorcycle accident.

In Oklahoma, provided that an individual is not over half responsible for an accident, they may be able to recover damages from a negligent party responsible for the accident in accordance with the liability of the parties involved. This can seem complicated which is why it is important for victims and family members to have careful guidance to understand the complexities sometimes associated with their rights following a motorcycle accident.

Victims of motorcycle accidents, and their families, may be able to recover badly-needed compensation for mounting physical and financial damages associated with a motorcycle accident. Victims and their family members may also suffer emotional damages which is why holding negligent drivers accountable can be so important.

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