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The tragic consequences of lo-tech distractions while driving

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2017 | Car Accidents

Cutting-edge technology, specifically cell phones and other mobile devices are usually the culprit in accidents caused by distracted driving. The ability to concentrate on the road and other drivers can become seriously impaired due to various forms of communications. Texting, tweeting, Facebooking and live video broadcasts while driving can lead to serious injuries and death.

Not all distractions are hi-tech. According to AAA Oklahoma, lo-tech multi-tasking can also pull a driver’s eyes off where it should be. The outcomes can be equally as tragic.

You Don’t Need A Cell Phone To Drive Distracted

Drivers who notice rearview or side mirrors not aligned with their line of sigh feel the need to adjust them, taking attention away from driving. The sights and sounds of passengers, crying babies, battling siblings or misbehaving pets, can distract the most focused driver.

Before the advent of technology, one of the most common and outrageous distractions involved self-care, specifically grooming. The trend continues today. Saving time in the morning to shave or apply makeup not only puts passengers at risk, but also drivers sharing the road.

Reading the newspaper while operating a car speaks for itself.

Necessary Steps To Keep Focus On The Road

While you cannot always control what occurs in your car, you can control how you react, or not react to them. A better option exists when mirrors are off, lipstick needs application, or general chaos occurs. Pull over and find a safe spot to handle the situation.

For those easily subject to both lo-tech and high-tech distractions, apps exist to discourage cell phone use by disabling certain features on a mobile device. Parents with teen drivers can even keep track of their teens by receiving alerts when their children are using the phone while driving the family car. Some apps go as far as incentivizing safe driving with rewards from sponsors.

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