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Seen these distracting behaviors on the road? Then keep your distance.

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Long ago, very few people owned cars. Oklahoma residents and others traveled by different means, including horseback, boat or on foot. You probably can barely imagine living that way nowadays, as the majority of people travel by car. If you live and drive in a high traffic area, you may be keenly aware of the problems distracted drivers cause. When you share the road with someone who is preoccupied in their thoughts or otherwise distracted behind the wheel, your life and all other drivers nearby are at risk.

Many people are able to avoid a collision by arming themselves with information ahead of time that helps keep all motorists safe. For instance, if you’re concerned about distracted driving, you may want to learn all you can on the topic to prepare yourself as much as possible for any potential problems that arise.

What are the most common behind-the-wheel distractions?

If you’re driving down an Oklahoma road and you witness any of the following, it’s a good idea to keep your distance:

  • A driver fiddling with a hand-held device, be it a GPS, cellphone or other item
  • Someone who is eating and drinking while they drive
  • A motorist struggling to light a cigarette
  • A person exhibiting signs of drunk driving, which can also be a form of distracted driving
  • Someone who appears to be moving objects around in their vehicle or paying too much attention to other vehicle occupants

Every behavior on this list places other motorists at risk. Even cognitive distractions, such as daydreaming, become potentially lethal if you consider that a person’s actions affect more than just that person, and thinking of other things while you’re supposed to be thinking of driving is a definite hazard.

One of the most crucial things you can do is follow all safety and traffic regulations and to try to steer clear of any driver who doesn’t seem as diligent. Sometimes, there’s simply not much you can do to avoid a crash, but there’s plenty you can do in the aftermath if you wish to seek recovery for your losses. There are usually several options available, not just to help in physical recovery but also to help seek compensation for damages.