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What are your employer’s responsibilities to you?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

It is difficult enough to deal with an injury, let alone deal with an injury while also trying to receive workers’ compensation. Injuries are painful enough; the legal process of receiving compensation shouldn’t be painful as well.

The burden of compensation should not fall to you alone. It is important to know that your employer also has several obligations to you, the employee. Before you dive into the process of attempting to receive workers’ comp benefits, there are some important things you should understand about your employer’s responsibilities to you.

What are your employer’s responsibilities?

These are some of the main duties that your employer has to you:

  • Purchase workers’ comp insurance from a workers’ compensation insurance carrier, or act as their own insurer
  • Post a visible notice at each job site that they comply with their state’s workers’ comp laws
  • Provide emergency medical services for workplace accidents and injuries
  • Provide further medical attention as needed
  • Report the accident or injury to the proper workers’ compensation board office and the employer’s insurance company
  • Keep written reports of every on-site injury that results in a loss of time from job duties, or that requires medical treatment
  • Comply with the employee and the workers’ compensation board if they request further details on the injury
  • Not retaliate against injured workers in any way, including harassment, retaliatory termination, or discrimination

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