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Worker injured in fire may have workers’ compensation questions

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Many people in Oklahoma go to work every day in jobs that are considered dangerous. By the same token, there are workers who report to offices or other locations whose duties are rather benign with regard to potential hazards but who suffer injuries when freak accidents occur. Either way, a workers’ compensation claim can be filed to request benefits when such injuries happen in the workplace.

A worker in another state may be gaining firsthand experience in navigating the system following an accident at the industrial facility where he is currently employed. Several employees were reportedly working together to cut a fuel tank when it unexpectedly exploded. The incident occurred close to noon on a recent Saturday.

The initial explosion resulted in a fire that ignited nearby tires and oil, which caused a massive, dark cloud of smoke to form in the area. One of the workers involved in the accident suffered burns. Thankfully, his condition was not listed as life-threatening.

The workers’ compensation program is designed to provide benefits to workers like the man who was injured in the recent fire at the industrial plant. Medical care is typically quite expensive and workers may have trouble making ends meet at home in recovery, especially if they are unable to return to their duties following their accidents. Oklahoma workers’ comp attorneys can help injured workers navigated the claims procedures in pursuit of the maximum benefits available, and any worker currently facing challenges in this area can request a consultation for guidance.

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