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Car accidents that involve speeding are typically more severe

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Oklahoma residents are often vulnerable and exposed to the dangers caused by speeding drivers. Authorities say almost 10,000 people died on roads nationwide in 2015 in car accidents that involved speeding. Speed limits are posted for a reason, but even where no limits are posted, the weather and other adverse conditions may require a driver’s common sense to tell him or her to slow down.

The fast pace of life may be the cause for many drivers to speed, and traffic congestion often contributes to the aggravation of drivers who then react by speeding. This becomes even more of a problem if a driver is running late for an appointment, to get to work, to school or a sports event. Some also suggest that the anonymity of drivers may cause them to behave differently to what they would do if they can be seen and recognized by others.

Drivers who exceed the speed limit may fail to consider that they endanger their own lives along with the lives of everybody else on the road and nearby. Speeding creates the potential for loss of control of the vehicle, and it limits the driver’s ability to stop in time after observing a dangerous situation. Collisions at high speed exacerbate the severity of crashes and resulting injuries.

Victims of car accidents in Oklahoma — or the surviving family members of deceased crash victims — may pursue recovery of damages. The assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney can provide the necessary guidance and support in the navigation of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. After establishing negligence, the court may determine liability and consider the documented claims for a monetary judgment to cover financial and emotional damages.

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