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Following car accidents, what damages are recoverable?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2018 | Car Accidents

Each year, many Oklahoma residents are involved in automobile collisions — some of whom experience numerous losses. When it happens, one may not be sure what damages are actually recoverable. Financial losses seem pretty obvious, but what about everything else? Following car accidents, there are a lot more losses sustained by victims than those that just affect their pocket books.

Physical pain, suffering and emotional distress are all common following auto collisions. All of these cause a person to miss out on life and may slow his or her recovery. Medical and sometimes psychiatric treatment is needed to help one move forward. All of this comes at a significant cost.

Following car accidents noneconomic damages such as those listed above may be recoverable. For it to be, there is certain information that must be provided in court for review. Such as:

  • Level of distress experienced
  • Proof that suffering is directly related to the car accident
  • Information on any underlying causes for the pain and suffering
  • Doctor’s diagnosis and any other notes on psychological symptoms experienced

Just about anyone can claim that they experienced emotional distress and suffering following auto collisions. To be awarded damages for such injuries, though, there has to be proof. With the assistance of legal counsel, those in Oklahoma who have suffering physical, financial and emotional injuries following a car accident can take the steps necessary to seek full and fair compensation for their losses. Personal injury claims litigated or negotiated successfully can result in just that.

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