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Oklahoma workers’ compensation: 2 construction workers injured

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

In the early morning hours of July 6, two Oklahoma-based construction workers were working on the Peoria bridge in Tulsa when a passing semitrailer struck the bucket they were in. Both men were critically injured in the event. As this happened while they were on the clock, workers’ compensation benefits should help them and their families cover the financial losses they are experiencing because of this incident. 

According to a local news report, the construction workers were in the process of repairing a portion of the bridge that was on the southbound side of Highway 75 when the semitrailer clipped the construction bucket. One of the workers fell a total of 15 feet and landed on the pavement. Both men were transported to an area hospital for treatment. Their current conditions are unknown. 

The truck driver stopped immediately after the collision. He is said to be cooperating with authorities. According to investigators, they believe this was just an unfortunate accident. No criminal charges have been filed in this case. 

There is no saying what quality of life the victims of this event will enjoy if they recover. Approved workers’ compensation claims can help these gentlemen and their families cover any economic losses they have and will suffer as a result of this incident. This insurance may also grant disability payments and a host of other benefits if they are needed. Achieving fair and full coverage for losses suffered due to a work accident is not always easy. An experienced attorney can help these gentlemen seek maximum relief from the Oklahoma workers’ compensation fund. 

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