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Your return to work after a serious on-the-job accident

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Oklahoma workers are aware of their rights regarding workers’ compensation benefits after an accident at work. If injured in the workplace, you know that you have the right to claim certain types of support, but what if you are unable to return to the same job you had before the accident?

Some workers deal with injuries that are severe enough to leave them unable to return to the same job or return without significant support. If you believe that re-entering the workforce or getting back to your job with be difficult, you may be able to secure rehabilitation benefits. These benefits provide you support and help as you get back to work.

What are rehabilitation rights of injured workers?

Through workers’ compensation, injured workers are able to secure support for medical care, recovery of lost wages and more. However, you may need more than that. You may require additional support to simply be able to support yourself and earn a living. In this situation, you would have a rightful claim to vocational rehabilitation benefits through workers’ compensation.

The specific rehabilitation benefits you may be able to secure depend largely on your physical needs, the type of job you have and what you are physically capable of doing. Some of these benefits may include: 

  • Training for a different type of job
  • Resume help and job search help if you need to find a new job
  • Ergonomic training and securing physical support to do your old job with accommodations
  • Education and tuition for additional education you need for work
  • Assistance with your medical needs as they pertain to your job

If you are severely injured and believe you will need significant support in order to return to work, you do not have to fight for your rightful workers’ compensation benefits alone.

Fighting for your post-accident future

It is not easy to get back to work after a serious job-related accident. There are many physical and financial hurdles you will have to overcome, and this may include returning to the workforce, finding a job and dealing with new physical limitations you may have.

It may be beneficial for you to seek a complete evaluation of your case in order to better understand your potential claim to this specific type of support. You have the right to maximize your claim and fight for all of the benefits necessary to get you back to work and moving forward.

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