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Workers’ compensation covers occupational hearing loss

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

No one expects to experience hearing loss because of their job, but it happens all too often in Oklahoma and across the country. Every year, millions of individuals are exposed to hazardous noises and substances in their places of work that can cause them to experience temporary or permanent hearing loss. Thankfully, workers’ compensation benefits do cover occupational hearing loss.

Occupational hearing loss can affect people in all types of occupations. It does not discriminate. Employers and employees must take precautions to prevent hazardous noises and substances from causing workers harm, but for some individuals, exposure is just too much.

Those individuals who have suffered work-related hearing loss have a specific window in which they can seek workers’ compensation disability benefits. Generally, before they can submit a claim, they have to be removed from exposure to the noise or chemicals for a certain amount of time. A physician can then determine the level of disability the exposure caused. With that information in hand, a person can then seek disability benefits. If offered, these benefits tend to come in a lump-sum cash payment.

Achieving workers’ compensation disability benefits for occupational hearing loss is not an easy task. These benefits are supposed to be there to protect workers in Oklahoma, but it can be a fight to obtain full coverage for one’s losses. This is where an experienced workers’ comp attorney can help. With legal counsel at one’s side, the appropriate steps in the right timeframe can be taken to seek maximum relief.