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Road rage-related car accidents are a state and national problem

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Car Accidents

It is hard to go a day without seeing overly aggressive drivers on Oklahoma roads. Sadly, numerous car accidents occur in the state and across the country because drivers fail to control their emotions when behind the wheel. Road rage is a real thing and a real problem.

How many accidents happen as a result of road rage? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that approximately 94 percent of all auto accidents occur because of human error. Road rage is said to contribute to around one-third of these collisions every year.

Roughly 33,000 people die in auto collisions every year. It is believed that road rage is responsible for approximately two-thirds of all traffic fatalities. All the laws in the world cannot protect people from overly aggressive drivers.

Aggressive driving is almost the norm these days. Road rage goes beyond speeding or performing some risky maneuvers. Drivers who shout, flash their lights, honk their horns, tailgate and act out while driving are said to be exhibiting road rage behaviors. All of these things take their attention off the road and make them a threat to public safety.

Oklahoma residents who are victims of road rage-related car accidents or who have lost loved ones in such incidents may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses as road rage is considered a negligent act. With the assistance of legal counsel, one may fight for maximum relief by filing claims against the party thought responsible. Monetary damages may be achieved through out-of-court negotiations or successful litigation.

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