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Oklahoma car accidents: 2 severely injured in crash

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Car Accidents |

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office was called to investigate the cause of a two-vehicle collision in Harrah back in September. At least two people suffered injuries in the wreck. An update to the news story suggests that someone died as a result of the event. In severe or fatal car accidents, victims or their surviving family members may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses.

According to a news report, on Sept. 20, a pickup truck and a van collided near East Britton Road and North Peebly Road. The driver of the truck is said to have ignored a stop sign and T-boned the van. A passenger in the truck and the driver of the van were severely injured and transported to a hospital by air for treatment. It is unclear if the driver of the truck or any of the other passengers suffered injuries in the wreck.

Later in the day, the Sheriff’s Office updated the status of this event from an injury accident to a fatal accident. They did not offer any information about the victim or victims who died. At this time, it is unclear if any charges have been filed or are pending against the driver of the truck.

Severe or fatal car accidents leave victims or their loved ones suffering in a variety of ways. The physical, financial and emotional tolls such events can have cannot be understated. Thankfully, according to the laws of Oklahoma, victims or — in the event of fatality — their surviving family members may have legal recourse. An experienced attorney can help one fight for fair and full compensation either through negotiations or by litigating the matter in civil court.