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How does drowsy driving impact truckers and you?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2020 | Semitruck Accident Injuries

There are plenty of truckers that travel through Oklahoma. This means the average driver will likely share the road with a trucker. It is important for all drivers to understand the risks that trucks may pose. Today we will look at the risks specific to drowsy driving. We will examine how drowsy driving influences the trucking industry. We will also discuss signs of drowsy driving to look out for. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discuss drowsy driving in depth. Drowsy driving is part of the distracted driving family. It has the potential to wreak havoc on all drivers on the road. Drowsy driving is particularly dangerous when truckers do it. This is because of the size and weight of their vehicle. In a crash between anyone else and a truck, the truck will come out less damaged. 

The trucking industry has a long history of problems with drowsy driving. Some trucking companies encourage drowsy driving. Sometimes this is unintentional and sometimes it is not. For example, a driver may have incentive to finish their route as fast as possible. This may encourage them to skip sleep so they can get started earlier. Many truckers brag about how little they sleep and how much they can still do. Unfortunately, they are not immune to the effects of drowsy driving. They often put other drivers in danger. 

There are a few ways to tell if a driver may be drowsy. Do they start speeding up or slowing down without any reason to do so? Do they put on their brakes for no reason? Are they weaving in their lane? These are all signs to keep watch for. If you see them, you may want to keep your distance. 

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