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What age group has the worst drivers?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2020 | Auto Accident Injuries

There are many opinions when it comes to who are the worst drivers on the road. Many people will say it is young drivers who do not have enough experience to safely drive. Others will say it is older people who have physical and mental limitations that make them dangerous drivers. You may have an opinion of your own, but there is a clear winner for the distinction of the generation that is the worst at driving. 

According to Forbes, the worst drivers based on information from driving records, the age group that encompasses the worst drivers is Millennials. Millennials are those people born mainly in the 1980s. 

Bad driving habits 

It all comes down to the bad driving habits this generation has. They tend to have the highest rate of drivers with DUI charges. They also have the distinction of being the most likely to drive recklessly. These drivers tend to run red lights and have high instances of speeding. They also have a high percentage of drivers responsible for car accidents. 

Better drivers 

One surprising thing learned from driving records is that one of the groups often blamed for being the worst drivers is actually the best drivers. Baby Boomers have the best driving records of any generation. They have fewer at-fault accidents and are not as likely to speed or drive under the influence. 

Gen Z, which is the youngest generation of drivers, is in the middle. They may drive too fast sometimes, but they have the lowest likelihood of having DUI charges, which is not completely shocking since most are not even old enough to legally drink. 

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