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You employer can facilitate your return to work

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Suffering a work-related injury may temporarily put your career on hold and force you to rest while your body recovers and heals. Despite your circumstances, your desire to return to your job in Oklahoma may fuel your effort to take your recovery seriously.

When the time comes for you to resume your work obligations, your employer should facilitate and support the process of your return to the workplace.

Developing a return-to-work plan

At the onset of your work-related injury, your employer should maintain contact with you to develop a customized return-to-work plan. According to Concentra, a well thought out plan will consist of strategies for supporting your transition back into the workplace. Your employer may implement modifications to allow you to perform your job functions with additional support or resources. They may also adapt your workspace to encourage your independence and confidence until you are fully healed. Other considerations in your return-to-work plan may include the discussion of transitional work, as well as educational resources to support your ability to work with your injury or disability.

Communicating your progress

As your situation progresses and you reach milestones in your recovery, it would benefit you and your employer for you to communicate these changes to them. With real-time updates about your condition, your employer can effectively modify your work situation to allow you to return to the full scope of your responsibilities as quickly as possible.

When you understand the role your employer may take in facilitating your return to work, you may more confidently request their support as you prepare to resume your job responsibilities after an injury. If you would like to learn more about the purpose of workers’ compensation, please visit our webpage.