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Reviewing statistics on deadly workplace accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Whether you operate a vehicle while working, are employed in the construction industry or even work in an office, it is important to understand the different risks you face on the job. Sadly, many work-related accidents prove fatal and it is crucial for employees and companies to understand how widespread worker fatalities are in the U.S. 

Every year, many workers lose their lives in preventable accidents and these deaths often have a wide-reaching impact, turning the lives of their loved ones on end. 

Reviewing common causes of worker fatalities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5,250 people lost their lives in job-related accidents over the course of 2018. Sadly, this marks a 2% increase in comparison to 2017. According to the BLS, most of these lives were lost in accidents related to transportation. In fact, 40% of workplace deaths occurred involved transportation (more than 2,000 fatalities). Other risks that claimed workers’ lives in 2018 involved contact with equipment and objects (786 deaths), violence or injuries due to animals (304 fatalities) and falling, tripping or slipping (791 deaths). In fact, 305 people died while working as a result of overdoses involving the recreational use of drugs or alcohol. 

Reviewing the impact of fatal workplace accidents

If your loved one recently died at work, you likely have many hardships to confront. Aside from debilitating emotional pain, you could also have significant financial challenges to overcome, whether you cannot pay bills or have to pay funeral costs and medical debts. Sometimes, the families of those who die in workplace accidents are able to obtain death benefits through workers’ compensation. 

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