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How severe are distracted driving risks?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Blog, Car Accidents

Distracted drivers present hazards on Oklahoma roads, and those dangers are not limited to highways. Even residential streets could turn into locations for disastrous accidents. Residents shouldn’t assume that collisions at low speeds won’t cause injuries since any distracted driving accident might result in severe harm to victims. Worst of all, the problems associated with distracting driving appear to be consistent year after year.

Distracted driving presents public safety concerns

The Center for Disease Control provides startling statistics about distracted driving in the United States. In 2018, about 2,800 people died in distracted driving-related accidents. The number doesn’t reflect an anomaly. A review of annual figures dating back to 2010 shows an average of around 3,000 deaths per year. Many people killed in these incidents weren’t even driving a vehicle: Pedestrians and bicyclists are often among those who died from their injuries.

The expanded integration of technology in automobiles may receive some blame for collisions. The arrival of touchscreens that work with smartphones could take drivers’ attention away from the roads. Blaming technology entirely for distractions isn’t accurate because eating and smoking while driving might be enough to divert attention from where it belongs. However, the general category of “negligence” deserves much blame.

Distracted driving and negligent behavior

A driver that chooses to worry more about changing a radio station or eating breakfast instead of looking out for bicyclists when turning might be negligent for any resulting accident. Drivers who indulge in distractions may put others at risk. Therefore, they may face a civil suit for any resultant harm. Victims of distracted drivers might suffer non-fatal injuries that leave them permanently disabled.

Distracted driving contributes to many catastrophic car accidents each year. An individual hurt by a distracted driver may want to explore their legal options to recover damages.

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