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Motorcyclists: Tips for staying safe on your bike this spring

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Spring is officially here. And for motorcyclists across Oklahoma, that means more opportunities to get out on the road. 

Whether you have been riding all winter long or are just taking your motorcycle out for the first time, now can be an excellent time to refresh yourself on safe riding habits and ways you can avoid a serious accident.

Safe rides and the right gear

Helmets and protective clothing can be crucial in keeping motorcyclists safe.

While Oklamahomans are not required to wear a helmet if they are over 18, studies have shown that helmet use can drastically improve a person’s chances of surviving a crash. And protective clothing like jackets, pants, boots and eyewear can prevent riders from suffering road rash and other severe injuries.

Too often, people forego this equipment because it might be uncomfortable or too hot. However, considering how effective they can be in keeping riders safe, it can be wise to wear this gear on any ride.

Avoiding dangerous riding habits

Motorcyclists may have a reputation for taking risks, but they can still be safe on their bikes. Safe riding behaviors can involve:

  • Giving other vehicles adequate space
  • Obeying speed limits
  • Paying attention to the road
  • Regularly checking blind spots
  • Refraining from driving while intoxicated
  • Avoiding any reckless or overconfident decisions

It can be especially crucial to practice these habits on city streets, where motorcycle accidents statistically happen the most. 

And if you have been off your bike for a few months, it can be wise to take things slowly on your first ride. If you feel like you are a little rusty, you might refrain from long, high-speed trips until you feel more comfortable.

Performing routine maintenance

Spring cleaning is not just for your house or email inbox; it can also be helpful when it comes to bike maintenance. 

This time of year can be perfect for:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire checks and replacement
  • Refilling fluids
  • Replacing air filters
  • Brake checks
  • Repairing broken or worn out parts

Whether you perform these services yourself or bring them to a professional, they ensure your motorcycle is operating correctly and is safe. 

These tips can help to prepare you for a safe and fun season of riding.