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What hazards and actions cause motorcycle crashes?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists may benefit from being extra careful when driving since a vehicle could inflict tremendous harm. Oklahoma car and truck drivers aren’t always considerate of motorcyclists, though. Sometimes, a driver’s ill-advised decision could lead to a terrible accident. Everyone sharing the road might make commuting much better for all of their behaviors put safety first, but that’s not always the case.

Avoidable accidents happen

“Watch where you are going” serves as both good advice and a warning. When making a turn, motorcyclists and vehicle operators should be aware of others on the road, including pedestrians. Motorcycle accidents may happen at intersections when the biker or a driver makes a turn without looking. Not coming to a complete stop before making the turn, illegally going through a red light to make a turn, or making other moving violations increases the danger level.

Motorcycle accidents may occur even when the road ahead seems clear, and traffic flows smoothly. On a single lane and other highways, oncoming traffic could pose a danger. A distracted or intoxicated driver might cross the dividing line, posing an enormous danger.

Other dangers to worry about

Unexpected troubles could lead to a motorcycle crash. If a vehicle ahead stops without warning, a motorcycle might unavoidably rear-end it. Gravel, potholes, and other debris in the road may cause a spill, bringing potentially serious injuries.

Parked cars present hazards, too. If a door swings open without warning, a motorcyclist might collide with it. Drivers should look out for motorcyclists, and motorcyclists must be careful not to ride too close to parked vehicles. Beware of cars backing out of driveways as well.

Motorcyclists must avoid actions that might cause a crash. Sharing lanes between two cars come with dangers. So does speeding or otherwise operating a motorcycle recklessly.

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