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Are vehicle fatalities on the upswing?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Blog, Car Accidents

A tragic loss of life could leave a family reeling with grief, and the sadness could turn to anger upon discovering a loved one died due to a driver’s negligence. A vehicle accident may lead to a wrongful death lawsuit in an Oklahoma court. Any resulting news reports might lead people to wonder if traffic deaths are increasing on America’s roads.

Troubling statistics about traffic incident deaths

A report produced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals alarming figures about traffic fatalities in 2021. The first three months of the year saw a 10.5% increase in traffic accident deaths from 2020. The tragic numbers reveal 8,730 people died in car crashes, even with a decrease in vehicle traffic during the period.

An analysis suggests that unsafe driving behaviors contributed to the many fatalities. With fewer vehicles driving during early 2021, an unfortunate number of drivers chose to take dangerous chances behind the wheel.

Typical moving violations might increase in frequency when a driver sees less traffic on the road. Pausing slightly at a stop sign instead of coming to a complete stop is one example. Speeding and failing to use turn signals are others. These and other behaviors could result in a crash when other drivers or pedestrians get caught by surprise.

Mistakes that cause deaths

Making errors in judgment, such as not wearing seat belts or texting while driving, might not always result in harm. Some may get into these and other “bad habits” until they become routine. One day, these mistakes could lead to a terrible price.

Gross mistakes, including drunk driving, might lead someone into court for a wrongful death lawsuit. Fatigued driving may do the same.

Responsible drivers won’t take dangerous risks under any traffic conditions. Those willing to take risks may end up taking someone’s life.

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