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What factors give you full car insurance coverage?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Residents of Oklahoma City and other nearby areas may want to learn more about the factors that contribute to determining rates for car insurance coverage. The cost usually affects how much insurance you can afford; the goal of having full insurance coverage is easier when you know what determines the rates.

The less risky you are, the cheaper the coverage. Your vehicle type and driving record may have an influence on your insurance costs in addition to the below factors.


When it comes to young drivers, age is very important. Teen drivers pay the most expensive insurance costs while drivers at age 50 have the most affordable rates. Teen drivers are risky, so insurance costs are more. After age 70, some people’s insurance costs rise as well.

Credit score

Data shows that those with a lower credit score file more claims than drivers with a higher score and good credit. The difference can be as much as $130 per month between the two types of credit scores.

Driving history

If you have a history of tickets, that will raise your insurance rates. Some of the other things that may impact rates include:

• Speeding tickets
• Charge of reckless driving


States regulate car insurance, and rates are subject to the regulations of that state. Zipcodes are also used to determine rates in an area that may be prone to flooding, wildfires, crime, theft, and other factors.

Insurance history

Insurance companies see a lack of coverage during some periods as a greater risk. Driving while uninsured in the past is a negative factor with your present insurance company when it comes to risk and rates.

Claims history

A high history of claims is a red flag. Claims filed against you can also cause your rates to increase. If you have an at-fault claim, you can expect your rates to go up. Car accident injuries can be expensive in terms of medical costs as well as insurance costs.

Full car insurance is important, and your driving history, age, credit score, and more factors are all considerations. The best way to lower insurance costs is typically to shop around and drive safely.