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5 factors that contribute to dangerous intersections

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2021 | Car Accidents |

High-traffic streets, poorly designed roads and impatient and reckless drivers triangulate to create some of the most dangerous intersections in Oklahoma City. Among the most dangerous is Belle Isle and Northwest Expressway, which for years has recorded the highest number of crashes.

Drivers consider the intersection complicated, and some continue to make illegal turns, leading to collisions with other vehicles. At least six other intersections along Northwest Expressway – a part of State Highway 3 and a major thoroughfare in the city — are dangerous. What factors play roles in dangerous intersections?

Poor design and negligent drivers

Like other U.S. cities, Oklahoma City has its share of dangerous intersections. Other intersections considered unsafe along Northwest Expressway include Rockwell Avenue, Portland Avenue, 63rd Street, Hefner Parkway (east and west side) and Pennsylvania Avenue.

Among the factors that generally contribute toward creating a dangerous intersection include:

  • Poor design: Engineers may not have predicted changes in traffic patterns, leading them to continue making modifications. However, sometimes, a drastic redesign may be necessary to ensure a safer road.
  • Absence of road signs: Drivers need direction and information to help them navigate. Sometimes, the signs are not there. However, do not forget that some drivers merely ignore the signs.
  • Misunderstood traffic signs: If drivers do not know what the signs mean, they do not know what to expect up ahead.
  • Malfunctioning traffic lights and signals: These should always be monitored and in operating order.
  • Careless and negligent drivers: Chaos usually ensues when drivers play by their own rules, speeding, succumbing to distractions, falling asleep or even being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Stay alert and remain safe

Remaining alert is essential for any driver, so is defensive driving when encountering dangerous intersections. Increase that alertness and be aware that potentially hazardous intersections exist in Oklahoma City. Your safety and the safety of your passengers always must remain a priority.