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2021 marks deadly year on Oklahoma roads

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2022 | Car Accidents

With many years, if not decades, of driving experience, commuters in Oklahoma may not worry about collisions. A driver who rarely suffered a “near miss” might not be overly concerned about a crash. Accident figures from 2021 could give such drivers a sobering reminder that any commute comes with risks,, as the year saw an increase in fatalities on Oklahoma roads.

Dangerous travels in Oklahoma during 2021

A review of fatality statistics from Oklahoma reveals a disturbing increase in deaths. In 2020, 609 people tragically lost their lives on Oklahoma roads. Preliminary data from 2021 shows the total number of fatalities increased to 697. That means the passage of one calendar year resulted in 88 more deaths than the prior year.

Government authorities and law enforcement personnel work consistently to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries each year. Search results might be challenging to attain, as many factors contribute to motor vehicle collisions.

Dangers and deaths on Oklahoma roads

Car accidents often happen because someone was negligent behind the wheel. Speeding ranks as a top cause of collisions since controlling a vehicle proves more challenging at high speeds, and it might be much harder to hit the brakes to avoid a last-minute crash.

Driving while intoxicated continues to cause regrettable and avoidable fatalities. No one should overlook the dangers of distracted or fatigued driving, either. Anything that impairs or undermines the safe operation of a motor vehicle puts lives at risk.

Those who cause a vehicle collision may face civil actions for their negligence. Such drivers may rely on an auto insurance policy to avoid financial devastation. The driver may face a lawsuit beyond policy limits, depending on how much damage they inflict, even with insurance coverage.

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