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Top reasons for truck accidents in Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2022 | Blog

Trucks sometimes intimidate drivers traveling on Oklahoma highways. A collision with a semi-truck could leave a smaller vehicle’s driver and passengers suffering severe injuries. Truck drivers and others may benefit from understanding the common reasons for tractor-trailer crashes. Knowing why the crashes happen might help those wishing to reduce the chances of a tragic mishap.

Reasons for truck driving accidents

Not surprisingly, several top causes of truck crashes are the same reasons why car and motorcycle accidents take place. Speeding ranks highly as many drivers feel tempted to hit the gas pedal and go faster than safety permits. In addition to risking a citation, speeding drivers risk being unable to brake in time, among other issues.

Truck drivers may speed to get to a delivery or pickup destination on time. Skipping mandatory breaks or driving while fatigued might keep a vehicle moving, but drivers put themselves and others at risk with such behavior.

Even driving while suffering from the flu or a cold could cause a crash. Drowsiness leads to less safe driving.

Further causes of truck crashes

Intoxicated drivers may cause fatal truck accidents. In addition, distracted driving ranks as a top factor in numerous collisions. Distractions take many forms, from changing music on the radio to looking out the window. Eating and drinking while driving might save some time, but it also raises dangers. A distraction doesn’t need to be prolonged to cause a crash: A few seconds might be enough.

Additionally, aggressive driving could lead to reckless actions behind the wheel. A driver may feel angry or frustrated over road conditions or something unrelated to the job. Regardless, nothing justifies cutting people off or aggressively tailgating anyone. Such reckless behavior could lead a driver to causing an accident that results in a lawsuit.

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