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Reckless driving and civil actions

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2022 | Blog, Car Accidents

A routine commute could leave drivers and passengers fighting for their lives after a collision. The same might happen to pedestrians and bicyclists involved in an accident. These victims, like many others, never expected to get hurt, but a reckless driver’s actions caused them harm. Reckless driving takes many forms, and the behavior of dangerous, irresponsible drivers injures and kills many people in the United States each year.

The wide net cast by reckless drivers

In a way, reckless driving casts a wide net of potential injury risks. Many different moving violations could constitute reckless driving, behaviors behind the wheel that reflect a gross disregard for others’ safety. Driving 45 mph in a school zone marked 15 mph while children exit the building represents dangerous and irresponsible behavior.

Several other behaviors could rank as reckless driving, with drunk driving being a familiar example. Tailgating and crossing solid lines on single-lane highways represent another.

There are more, and the common thread would be the driver’s recklessness and seeming lack of care over potentially inflicting injuries. If people get hurt when a driver’s behavior causes a crash, they might seek compensation.

Civil litigation and reckless driving

When people get hurt in car accidents, an investigation would examine who was at fault. If an intoxicated driver drove at high speed and crashed into a vehicle or went off the road and hit people waiting at a light at the corner, a civil suit might be a strong one. After all, the driver likely had a BAC at or above .08, committed a moving violation, and caused a crash.

Civil litigation could help a victim gain financial stability after a life-changing accident. A fair settlement or jury award may address several financial concerns.

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