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Staying safe ahead of aggressive drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2022 | Car Accidents

Sometimes, you might find yourself dealing with an aggressive driver while on Oklahoma roads. This is typically someone who might follow you too closely or someone who could even try to run you off the road. Here are a few ways to try to protect yourself.


Although communicating with other people could seem like a good idea in most situations, this is something that might not have a good outcome if it involves an aggressive driver. The person in the other vehicle could be angry at another person and could let those emotions flow over to you, resulting in an argument with significant consequences, including violence. In order to decrease the risk of car accidents in this situation, try to reach a safe location as soon as possible so that the other driver can go around you.


If possible, try to put as much distance between you and the other driver as you can so that you decrease the risk of being hit from behind. Keep in mind that you want to abide by the laws in the state while on the road, such as not speeding and not swerving into the other lane of traffic. If you’re on a highway, then consider making your way into the slow lane so that the other driver can pass. Another option is to turn down a side road or into a parking lot so that the other driver can get passed you.

While most drivers are safe on the road, there are some who are more aggressive than others. By following a few safety tips, the situation might not lead to an accident.

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