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Injuries you could sustain in a car accident

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | Car Accidents

A car accident in Oklahoma can be frightening and could also result in injuries that result in prompt medical attention. The following are only a few of the most common injuries that are possible.


While most bruises are not significant, they can sometimes be a sign that something else is going on in your body after car accidents. If you notice any bruising on your abdomen, then it could be a sign of internal bleeding that should be treated as soon as possible. You also want to pay attention to any swelling or severe pain that’s associated with bruising. Sometimes, you might not notice bruising right away or at all, such as bruising on your brain.

Fractures and breaks

Whether you’re in a minor crash or a rollover accident, you could have a broken bone or fracture as a result of the incident. A broken nose and other injuries to the face are quite common, especially if the airbag deploys or if you hit your face on the dashboard. You could experience a closed fracture, which is when the bone is broken but doesn’t come through the skin. An open fracture is when the bone breaks through the skin.


Even if there isn’t a fire in the vehicle as a result of an accident, you could still be burned. The force of the airbag deploying can result in burns to your face and hands. Liquids can spray from the vehicle as well, resulting in burns to any area of the body. You could also be burned by parts underneath the hood of the car or under the car in general that are hot.

Even in a minor car accident, injuries can be sustained that could be disfiguring or that could result in weeks or months of further treatment.

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