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Motorcycle accident questions asked in Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

If you’re a motorcycle rider in Oklahoma, you may be unsure about certain aspects of how the law works regarding motorcycle accidents. While the process is like any motor vehicle accident in many ways, there are some unique elements for motorcycle riders including unique steps to take, safety gear, calling the police and left turns cutting off a cyclist.

What steps should I take after being involved in a motorcycle accident?

In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, don’t sign anything and don’t admit fault in the accident before consulting with an attorney. Take as many pictures as possible of vehicle damage and yourself to document injuries. Make sure to preserve records of any bills related to the accident.

If I’m in a motorcycle accident but wasn’t wearing a helmet, does this prevent me from receiving damages from the other party?

You may still be able to receive damages if the other party was at fault, even if you were violating helmet laws. However, you may not receive the same damages as otherwise if not wearing a helmet contributed to your injuries.

If I’m in a motorcycle accident, I must call the police?

If an accident results in a death or severe injury, or if the damage exceeds a certain threshold, you’re legally obligated to call the police. Otherwise, it’s at the discretion of the parties involved.

A vehicle turned left in front of me, and I was riding my motorcycle, causing an accident. Is this my fault or theirs?

In nearly all cases of a vehicular accident, the vehicle turning left and colliding with a car going straight the other way is liable. The significant exceptions are if the vehicle going directly had run a red light or was speeding.

Will health insurance and paid medical leave cover a motorcycle accident?

You should be covered by your health insurance and any vacation or sick days while recovering from a motorcycle accident. But remember that you may need to reimburse your insurer if you receive a settlement or award due to the accident.

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