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Some reasons why motorcycle accidents happen

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents, Motorcycle, Bicycle & Pedestrian Auto Accidents

Motorcyclists often exercise great care when riding their bikes because a collision with a vehicle because there are no frames, seatbelts or airbags to protect them. However, some motorcycle crashes in Oklahoma happen when the motorcyclist is at fault. Ultimately, it benefits all commuters to understand why motorcycle accidents happen. Greater knowledge could help drivers and motorcyclists reduce the potential for collisions.

Motorcycle crash factors

Motorcycles are not always easy to see because of blind spots. Drivers should exercise caution when traveling and not assume a motorcycle isn’t present when making lane changes. Motorcyclists should also be mindful of blind spots since they could suffer significant harm if hit while inside one.

Speeding may prove ill-advised when riding a motorcycle. If a motorcyclist loses control of the bike at high speeds, the motorcyclist might suffer fatal injuries. Similarly, motorcyclists should avoid weaving in and out of traffic or cutting cars off. Such behaviors do little more than make riding a motorcycle more dangerous than would be the case if the motorcyclist followed the law.

Further dangers

Criminal behaviors, such as driving under the influence, could lead to motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists may harm themselves and others when operating their bikes while intoxicated. Some might not think prescription drugs or marijuana won’t impair them as much as alcohol, which is often not the case.

While some might never consider riding their motorcycles while under the influence, they may engage in other behaviors known to cause motorcycle crashes. Lane splitting and making illegal left-hand turns are two examples of hazardous actions that may catch up with a motorcyclist.

Many factors and behaviors might lead to motorcycle accidents. When a motorcyclist or a driver’s negligence plays a role in a crash, the liable party might face a negligence suit. However, victims may opt for an insurance settlement to cover their losses.

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