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Detached wheels and tires may cause harm

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2023 | Auto Accident Injuries, Car Accidents

Truck accidents often lead to fatalities, so Oklahoma truck drivers must employ extreme care when traveling to their destinations. While reckless and impaired driving contribute to numerous crashes, incidents involving tire debris and wheel components flying from a truck could also cause harm. Drivers and commercial trucking employers responsible for such mishaps could face civil litigation when someone is harmed.

Wheels, tires and accidents

Tire blowouts that send debris could happen for many reasons, including over- or under-inflation. Drivers and companies that do not keep an eye on their tires’ condition might not address dangerous worn treads or dry rot. With commercial trucks, overloading too much cargo might cause a tire blowout, so exceeding a truck’s maximum carry capacity might be outright reckless. When a tire suffers a blowout, the debris could hit someone. The trucker might lose control of the rig and crash when trying and stop the vehicle after the tire explodes.

Overloading might also lead to wheels falling off a tractor-trailer outright. And the chances of a wheel flying off and causing tremendous damage upon hitting another vehicle are enormous since a tractor-trailer’s wheels are massive.

Improper maintenance may result in a dangerous vehicle traveling the road. Improper maintenance could lead to such a catastrophe, leaving a technician potentially responsible for any injuries or fatalities inflicted.

Negligence and accidents

Issues with the axle and hub might also lead to the tires and wheels coming off. Again, trucking companies must inspect vehicles in their fleets routinely since else poorly maintained models might cause such otherwise avoidable truck accidents.

Whether the driver, the trucking company or a third party is responsible for a crash, the victims may sue to recover losses. Lost wages and medical bills may be among the victim’s expenses. A lawsuit or insurance settlement could provide compensation to address the losses.

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