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Electric vehicles prove to be safer than gas options

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Studies show that drivers of electric vehicles are involved in fewer accidents than gas-powered cars. Therefore, if you are a driver in Oklahoma, consider an electric vehicle when car shopping. There are several reasons that drivers of electric vehicles may be safer on the road.

Newer vehicles

On average, electric vehicles tend to be newer than gas-powered cars. Manufacturers like Tesla are constantly working to build their cars with more safety features. Therefore, electric vehicles may keep occupants safer when they are involved in an accident.

Fire risk

Gasoline is very volatile, so when a gas-powered vehicle is involved in an accident, it is more likely to start a fire than an electric car. Furthermore, these fires are at a very high temperature and can spread quickly, causing even more injuries and damage. Additionally, manufacturers often make electric vehicles with safety features that disengage the engine when a car accident is detected.

Lower center of gravity

Generally, electric vehicles have a lower center of gravity than gas-powered ones because the heavy battery is near the ground. Therefore, these vehicles are less likely to roll over during an accident, reducing the chance of injury. Furthermore, the low center of gravity allows electric cars to grip the road better, making them less likely to hydroplane or lose traction on slick roads. Electric vehicles with regenerative braking have even a lower center of gravity, making them even safer.

Better Brakes

Since electric vehicles tend to be heavier than gas-powered options, they usually have stronger brakes to stop the car quickly. Therefore, drivers often have fewer accidents because they can stop faster.

Many features built into electric vehicles make them safer than gas-powered cars.