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Driving hazards during summertime

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Car Accidents

When most people think about hazardous driving conditions in Oklahoma, they might consider spring when there’s the most rain, or winter when snow may fall. But the summer has its own set of dangers on the road.

Summertime in Oklahoma features beautiful weather, but it’s also a time when drivers face the risk of motor vehicle accidents due to a handful of summer-specific hazards.

Construction season

The majority of roadwork takes place during summer, so you’ll be seeing lots of orange traffic cones and crews of workers. And construction sites are the scene of a disproportionate number of car accidents.

The issue is twofold. First, there’s the possibility of striking a worker who is on or near the road. Second, roadwork tends to block off lanes and create restricted or altered driving patterns, which can be confusing for drivers. Both of these contribute to a heightened risk while driving through construction areas.

More at-risk pedestrians and riders

After a long winter, people want to experience the pleasant summer weather. A lot of people ride motorcycles and bicycles, and more pedestrians are out and about. Each of these groups of people presents their own increased risks on the road.

Motor vehicle accidents involving a motorcycle tend to have more serious consequences than accidents between two equally sized cars. Motorcycles have a smaller profile and can sometimes engage in higher-danger driving, which increases the chances of a mishap.

Bicycles and motor vehicles oftentimes exist uneasily, especially in areas without well-supported bicycle paths and lanes. Bicycles riding along the edge of a road are often at significant risk of being hit by a motor vehicle, and the consequences can be catastrophic for the cyclist.

And finally, pedestrians thronging the crosswalks and roadsides offer yet another potential for a collision. While the odds of any individual pedestrian being involved in an accident are low, when enough pedestrians gather in an area, the risk goes up accordingly.

Summer driving presents a season-specific list of increased risk factors. From construction to at-risk riders and pedestrians, it pays to be extra attentive toward some of the summer driving hazards.

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